Student Loan Progress #1

Like most millennials, I have a massive amount of student loan debt. I’m lucky because I don’t have an undergraduate debt and I didn’t take a bar exam loan.But I do have loans from law school.

Instead of paying the minimums, I’m trying to reorganize my finances and take some significant strides towards paying down my debt. I’ve drawn inspiration from friends and other blogs.  Calling this post “Progress #1”  is kind of misleading. I’m in year 4 and month 7 of debt repayment.

Within the last year I have made a ton of progress.  I am hopeful that I will be able to pay this loan off within the next few months. And while it is a small step and only for a portion of my student loans,  I’m proud to be making progress.

So, wherever you are at in your debt repayment – keep going. Look at it in steps instead of being overwhelmed by the big picture.  When you want to buy that coffee or new top, stop and consider it in the context of your goals.

Are you paying down student debts? I would love to hear about your progress and ideas in the comments.


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