December Goals Recap + January Goals

Each month I will list out some monthly goals and kept track of my accomplishments! I’m basically stealing this idea from my friend Brittany. I love her blog and we’re real life friends too. These goals will generally follow values of personal growth, professional development, and health/wellness.  My goal here is progress and not perfection.

December Goals Recap


 Finish 1 book. PASSimg_7659

I finished reading Amy Poehler’s  “Yes, Please!”  and skimmed through most of a self help book called “Super Better.”   Super Better is all about taking skills from video games and applying them to everyday life. Think Mary Poppins when she turns cleaning into a game. Sort of like that. It kind of just reinforces the power of the mind and what perspective that you have. I’ve said it before, but happiness is a choice.  The majority of the time you are in control of you respond to things and how you choose to view them. You can choose happiness.


Sign up for a 5k next year.PASS

I did complete a 5k this month – the Santa Dash 5k.  It was great and I actually ran the majority of it. I’ve gone on a couple of runs since. So, I didn’t sign up for a future 5k but I completed one nonetheless. I’m looking for some 5ks for the spring.  If you have suggestions, please let me know!

Sit down and make a list of professional goals for next year. KIND OF

I got a new planner for Christmas!  It is from and I’m already using it. I was really into planners in college and the beginning of law school but kind of stop using them. I started doing everything on my phone. Anyway, this planner contains lots of space for weekly and monthly goals. I’ve already including some of my professional and personal goals for the next few months.

Plan a vacation for the springDONE AND BOOKED

I haven’t had a real vacation in forever. I am so excited that I will be going on an adventure to two new places I haven’t been before. See some previous travel adventures here, here, and here.

BLOGGING –  2 blogs for the month PASS

2 blogs a month is achievable for me. Maybe I will increase this goal in the future, but for now this works. I have some big professional projects coming up so I’m going to leave this goal as is. Check out my posts from last month: Travel: Klamath Falls, OR and December Goals + Recap of November

FITNESS – 3 times a week at the gym. PASS

  • Week 1:   Lap swim, Lap swim, Aqua Class
  • Week 2:  Lap swim,  Aqua exercise class, Santa Dash 5k
  • Week 3:   I can’t remember — but I’m fairly certain I did go because I get points from my gym for going and I have points from this week. So I know I did something…
  • Week 4:  Gym with my sister,  Weights at gym, Morning Jog, Morning Jog

FINANCE – Continue snowball payment for student loans and add to down payment fund for a house.

*All photos are mine (except Mary Poppins graphic) and taken with my iPhone. Follow me on Instagram.



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