Chicago for a Wedding Weekend

In October I had a quick little weekend get away to Chicago and northern Illinois for a friend’s wedding. I was one of the bridesmaids or “People of Honor” as she called us, because both spouses had people of both genders they wanted in the wedding party. The wedding was held at a beautiful farm outside of Woodstock, IL (where Groundhog Day was filmed). My friend, G and I met in law school. She was a year ahead of me but we bonded quickly and have kept in touch ever since. She is a strong, independent woman who fearlessly followed her dream of opening up her own IP firm.

This wasn’t my first trip to Chicago, but when I had some free time I tried to make the most of it by walking around the city and stopping in whatever shop or restaurant called to me. Everyone should try traveling alone — something is thrilling and freeing about it. Plus, you never know who you will meet!


The Bean  –  Also the Marilyn Monroe statue, the river boat tour of Chicago and much much more. Also – art musuem is amaaaaaazing. My next trip I want to see the Cubs play.

Woodstock, IL – Well, I wouldn’t normally go out this far from the city. But my friend’s wedding was on a farm near Woodstock. This area is charming and I loved the downtown area. I’m really sad that we were so close to the Wisconsin border and I didn’t get to check that off my list. Next time. I didn’t realize how close it was.


Eataly –  The Nutella bar and gelato counter called to me. Also, they have an amazing grocery selection and I wish I could have brought more goodies home. I’m hoping they build one in the bay area because all the locations right now are on the east coast.

Giordano’s – Because deep dish pizza is mandatory.


Swissotel – I used Hot-wire, which basically like hotel roulette because you have no clue what hotel you will get.  Anyway – I was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the accommodations. This was a bit fancier than where I normally stay – but I decided to treat myself. The spa/gym and amenities were very nice. I would use Hot-wire again to book a hotel.  But I still love using AirBnB.


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